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  1. NumWorks calculator

    A sleek new calcultor based on the STM32-F4 ARM Cortex-M microcontroller? Great!

    Finally not yet another generic GNU/Linux-based gadget which takes forever to boot.

    Would be a perfect plateform for GameBoy Advance style games ;)


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  2. Mario et les lapins crétins

    Il faut soutenir l'innovation!

    It is not often that something totally new happens to Mario. Bought the game, don't even have a switch, but needed to show Nintendo that people support risk-taking (at least I do).

    Advice for Ubisoft: Love the game's idea and graphics/sound, but next time, avoid …

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  3. dosbox and SimCity 2000

    How to run SimCity2000 on Linux with dosbox.

    Remember Ctrl + F10 to release the mouse from the dosbox window.

    On Ubuntu 16.04, dosbox is simply installed with:

    sudo apt-get install dosbox

    In the DOS shell, the C:\ drive is mounted from Linux folder as follows:

    mount c /home/vjp …
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  4. [idea] The Portuguese tea

    Did you know that tea was produced in Europe? (star in superscript)

    The tea from Portuguese Azores

    If you consider the Azores islands part of Europe, this is the only European tea: the Chá Gorreana plantation [1].

    The Azores are a remote set of islands ~1500km away from Portugal.

    According …

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  5. [project] Tea quest (part 2)

    Using Rakuten to order tea from Japan.

    The Order

    Pack of 3 100g bags of loose tea: 926円 (7.64€, 2.55€/bag)
    Individual 100g bag of loose tea: 324円 (2.67€)
    2824円 (23.30€)

    Initial shipping cost with EMS (offer received by email after ordering):

    送料    4100(円 …
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  6. [idea] Tokina 100mm

    Get a macro lens?

    1 - Thinking

    The official picture looks like this:

    Image source [1].


    For the Nikon version (the Canon one is cheaper):
    - 380 new on Amazon (includes VAT)
    - 320 used on eBay
    - 270 used on DSLR-kleinanzeigen
    - 330 new on Rakuten (from Japan)
    - 265 new on eBay (includes …
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  7. [project] Tea quest

    The quest for 文森's favorite 茶

    And the winner is...

    But wait!

    What is this? I cannnot make sense of any of this...

    shizuoka(-ken) -> Shizuoka (prefecture)
    fukamushi -> deep-steamed
    cha -> tea
    harada seicha -> Harada tea processing
    kabushiki gaisha ->  Co., Ltd.

    Harada tea processing (official …

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  8. [event] 2017, C'est l'année de la France

    2017 is the year of the rooster (US) / cock (UK).

    Let's sketch the traditional Chinese new year picture...

    ...and convert it into a clean vector image:

    Did you know? 你知道嗎?

    The rooster is the symbol of France. This was Footix, the mascot of the football world cup in France in …

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  9. [idea] For some very specific exams


    I have posted this picture on reddit in the subreddit r/LearnUselessTalents: https://redd.it/5mmx5s

    It is interesting to see the score of the post increasing and decreasing as time goes. Sometimes the number points does not change but the percentage of upvote did, meaning that someone upvoted …

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  10. [project] A postcard to save Europe

    A postcard to save Europe, which just like Chinese, is meant to unify European languages without choosing any of them.


    ... - ...    for association (one meaning added to another one).
    [ ... ]      for componound (one meaning made of several "blocks").
    [ a : b ]    foreach a in b.
    { ... }      for sub-sentence, or "parameters".
    ( n )        for backward …
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  11. [project] Bao postcard

    Est-ce que tu connais l'histoire de Trésor&Forêt?
    Bao et Sen sont deux personnes qui ne se comprennent pas vraiment car aucun des deux ne parle la langue de l'autre, pourtant, en communiquant avec des dessins ils ont réussi à se dire beaucoup.
    Il est peut-être parfois mieux de laisser …
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  12. [opinion] What I thought about addiction

    It is always nice when you find a content explaining an idea you always had even better than you could ever explain it yourself [1].

    I still stand by my point: If life forces you to an addiction, masturbation is healthier than cigarettes.


    [1]Kurzgesagt, "Everything We Think We …
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  13. [event] Moving to München

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    Mitte November trete ich eine neue Stelle bei Harman/Becker Automotive Systems GmbH als System Ingenieur an.

    Zu diesem Zweck ziehe ich von Stuttgart nach München und suche eine Wohnung. Ich bin alleinstehend, Nichtraucher und besitze keine Haustiere. Die Wohnung wird von meinem Arbeitgeber bezahlt …

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  14. [idea] Airmail stamp

    Those top-left envelope corners are too white for me.

    Vector design for an airmail stamp.

    The inspiration comes from an old postal stamp from Paraguay.

    Ordered a 50x30mm stamp at [1] for 11.10€ (including shipping).

    Final result

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  15. [idea] I wish I hadn't worked so hard


    1. I wish I hadn't worked so hard.
    2. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
    3. I wish I had let myself be happier.
    4. I wish I had let myself express my true self.
    5. I wish I had lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what …
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  16. [idea] When the object of the book comes to life

    When a book reminds you of its existence.

    In the Breakfast of Champions [1], I read about the wife of Dwayne Hoover who killed herself drinking Drano. I've never seen this word/brand before and assumed that it was an US-specific product. Dwayne gets himself anxious on multiple occasions throughout …

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  17. [challenge] Postcard project

    Real world is dangerous for a baby...

    From analog to digital

    Seven hours later, a full vector version was born.

    Ready for printing

    The file is ready for printing.

    Printing was ordered at diedruckerei.de [1]. 100 postcards on 300g/m² A6 recycled paper costs ~30€ (VAT and shipping included …

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  18. [idea] Wedding TODO

    I hate you! Since when do we live together?

    Someone asked me: What special thing would you do on your wedding day?

    Introducing Vincent's time counter

    For this special day, I would design my own electronic time counter featuring a GPS receiver module and a microcontroller.

    Using the GPS module …

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  19. [idea] Changements (book)

    Change is now?

    The book [1] addresses how change is made, and especially the difference between change type 1 (aka. change from the same dimension), and change type 2 (aka. change from a dimension n+1). Nothing new here, I had my own vision of it before reading the book …

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  20. [challenge] Typing challenge

    After twenty years of using computers, it might be time to learn how to type on a keyboard?


    Reference speed while looking at the keyboard: 49 WPM (with [1]).

    • [2015.08.20] 10 WPM
    • [2015.08.21] 15 WPM
    • [2015.08.22] 18 WPM
    • [2015.08.24] 25 WPM …
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  21. [challenge] Meeting (real-life) people!

    How to meet people in Stuttgart?

    The dangerous challenge of socialization

    Attend the weekly meeting of:

    • a hackerspace in Stuttgart [1], with a really cool Brother Innovis 90E embroidery machine [2].
    • a selfhelp group in Stuttgart [3].
    • a language tandem [4] at the university of Stuttgart.

    Finding the places

    Shackspace …

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  22. [opinion] Is it even possible to avoid discrimination?

    Please do not read yet, come back later, work in progress~

    Everyone is talking about discrimination nowadays

    The [Discrimination] You Can’t Quite Prove

    After reading an article [1] about Elen Pao and the sexism in the IT industry, I cannot help be thinking that discrimination is everywhere and about …

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