[challenge] Postcard project

Real world is dangerous for a baby...

From analog to digital

Seven hours later, a full vector version was born.

Ready for printing

The file is ready for printing.

Printing was ordered at diedruckerei.de [1]. 100 postcards on 300g/m² A6 recycled paper costs ~30€ (VAT and shipping included).

The exported PDF has to be in CMYK color format. I was going to use this export plugin [2] before I noticed that the script actually converts the image into bitmap for CMYK transformation (it would be a disaster). Luckily, I found this other more professional solution [3].


Free give away!

See the reddit announcement there: https://redd.it/3m8hpt

Actually, the subreddit /r/RandomActsofCards/ is much more active than /r/PostCardExchange/. See the better cross-post here: https://redd.it/3mq192

I easily got more than 25 addresses to send my postcard to. Mostly to the USA and Canada.

Postcard responses