[challenge] Typing challenge

After twenty years of using computers, it might be time to learn how to type on a keyboard?


Reference speed while looking at the keyboard: 49 WPM (with [1]).

  • [2015.08.20] 10 WPM
  • [2015.08.21] 15 WPM
  • [2015.08.22] 18 WPM
  • [2015.08.24] 25 WPM (after 200mg Caffeine pill ^^)
  • [2015.08.25] 22 WPM (after switching to [2], for better, more diverse typing tests)
  • [2015.08.26] 24 WPM

Note 1

It is very disturbing to realize that as soon as I notice that I am typing well, and might set a new record, my typing speed collapses. Stress does spoil everything good in life. The only way to set a new record is to do it by mistake, i.e., not realizing it. Forcing yourself not to realize something to prevent the stress from triggering, is veritably a pointless endeavor.


[1]Typing.com, homepage, https://www.typing.com
[2]KeyHero, homepage, http://www.keyhero.com