dosbox and SimCity 2000

How to run SimCity2000 on Linux with dosbox.

Remember Ctrl + F10 to release the mouse from the dosbox window.

On Ubuntu 16.04, dosbox is simply installed with:

sudo apt-get install dosbox

In the DOS shell, the C:\ drive is mounted from Linux folder as follows:

mount c /home/vjp/dosbox/c

To prepare for the diskette swap request in SimCity installation, the first diskette image should not be mounted directly, but rather mounted on Linux first:

sudo mount -o loop /home/vjp/dosbox/sc2k1.img /home/vjp/dosbox/a

Installing from first disk.

Second disk requested. On Linux, unmount the first diskette image, and mount the second one:

sudo umount /home/vjp/dosbox/a
sudo mount -o loop /home/vjp/dosbox/sc2k2.img /home/vjp/dosbox/a



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