[idea] Changements (book)

Change is now?

The book [1] addresses how change is made, and especially the difference between change type 1 (aka. change from the same dimension), and change type 2 (aka. change from a dimension n+1). Nothing new here, I had my own vision of it before reading the book, and I even found something similar in [2]. The attempt at the beginning of the text to use a mathematical ground for the explanations is laughable (IMO), but the book is interesting as it gives plenty of real-life examples of changes and how they can be seen as type 1 or type 2. It describes a therapy named Brief therapy [3].

Surprisingly, there is a French movie showing the proposed therapy in action on a 17 years old schoolgirl (see [4]). Much of the same terminology of the book is used in the movie.

Additional notes

The book makes a (remote but) relevant reference to Buddhism, which I could relate to what I read previously in [5].


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