[idea] The Portuguese tea

Did you know that tea was produced in Europe? (star in superscript)

The tea from Portuguese Azores

If you consider the Azores islands part of Europe, this is the only European tea: the Chá Gorreana plantation [1].

The Azores are a remote set of islands ~1500km away from Portugal.

According to the French Wikipedia page [2], the tea plantation was started two Chinese from Macao (formerly a Portuguese territory).

Get me some of that

One bag of 100g costs 3.30€. Shipping to Germany is pretty expensive:

bags   price
-----  ------
1-2     4.60€
3-4     6.20€
5-9     9.20€
10-19  14.50€

Final cost for 9 bags of loose green tea:
29.7 + 9.20 = 38.90 => 4.32€/bag delivered



[1]Gorreana, http://gorreana.pt/en/
[2]Wikipedia, Chá Gorreana, https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%C3%A1_Gorreana