[idea] Tokina 100mm

Get a macro lens?

1 - Thinking

The official picture looks like this:

Image source [1].


For the Nikon version (the Canon one is cheaper):
- 380 new on Amazon (includes VAT)
- 320 used on eBay
- 270 used on DSLR-kleinanzeigen
- 330 new on Rakuten (from Japan)

- 265 new on eBay (includes VAT)

2 - Unboxing

3 - Using

Picture taken at 200m and closest focusing distance on the famous Nikon 18-200 lens:

The same picture with Tokina 100mm, but not at the closest focusing distance because the text does not fit the frame anymore:

At closest focusing distance, only the word Hello fits in the frame. This is macro 1:1, the word Hello has the same size on the image sensor as it is in reality:

The details are quite sharp even when displaying the picture at 100% (the DX sensor is 12Mpx):

When displaying the picture above at 100%, on pixel of the screen is one pixel of the image sensor which represents itself an area of light of the same size in real life. One pixel of the sensor of this 12MP camera is 5.5 micron (=0,0055 millimeter).

The thinness of the depth of field is pretty crazy too:

The texture of the paper itself is visible.


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