[idea] When the object of the book comes to life

When a book reminds you of its existence.

In the Breakfast of Champions [1], I read about the wife of Dwayne Hoover who killed herself drinking Drano. I've never seen this word/brand before and assumed that it was an US-specific product. Dwayne gets himself anxious on multiple occasions throughout the story, thinking that people are judging him for what his wife did, and how Drano got involved.

Surprise, surprise. Drano is a real thing!

When I got it in my hand in the store today, it was just like holding a prop from a movie. An object whose existence is only valid in fantasy world of the book, but happens to have another existance in real life. Like meeting, in his common daily life, the actor playing the role of Drano in the book. Of course, Drano is much less impressive now...

Damn reality. Always disappointing imagination.


[1]Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions, 1973