[project] Tea quest (part 2)

Using Rakuten to order tea from Japan.

The Order

Pack of 3 100g bags of loose tea: 926円 (7.64€, 2.55€/bag)
Individual 100g bag of loose tea: 324円 (2.67€)

2824円 (23.30€)

Initial shipping cost with EMS (offer received by email after ordering):

送料    4100(円)(33.83€ shipping)
合計    6924(円)(57.12€ total)

After asking for small packet shipping by email:

Subtotal:       JPY 2,824 (23.30 EUR)
Tax:            JPY     0
Delivery fee:   JPY 2,085 (17.20 EUR)
Inclusive sum:  JPY 4,909 (40.50 EUR)

Note: Economy shipping has no tracking unlike EMS.

Some calculation:

Breakdown of the shipping cost:
17.20 / 9 = 1.91€ shipping per bag

New price of 100g bag of loose tea delivered in Europe:
2.67 + 1.91 = 4.58€ per bag

Order Status:

03/04/2017 23:51:24 (Japan time)[新規受付済み] order placed at Rakuten
03/06/2017 08:02:13 (Japan time)[店舗受付済み] order accepted by the store
03/13/2017 10:18:29 (Japan time)[発送済み]    order shipped
03/18/2017 11:00:00 (German time)            order arrived home

The Delivery

2017.03.18 The tea has arrived!

The description of the content in Japanese only: お茶 (=tea).

Germany customs opened the box because it contains Lebensmittel (~food):

Everything arrived successfully.

Top row: my favorite one! Bottom row: let try something new!