[project] Tea quest

The quest for 文森's favorite 茶

And the winner is...

But wait!

What is this? I cannnot make sense of any of this...

shizuoka(-ken) -> Shizuoka (prefecture)
fukamushi -> deep-steamed
cha -> tea
harada seicha -> Harada tea processing
kabushiki gaisha ->  Co., Ltd.

Harada tea processing (official page [1], wikipage [2]) headquarters are in Shizuoka prefecture where they produce their tea.

What is deep-steamed tea?

Quote from their official website, at the question What kind of tea is Fukamushi tea? [3].

Fukamushi (“deep steamed”) tea is a processed tea that has been steamed for a longer amount of time. By lengthening the time of the first fixation steaming stage, we can bring out the tea’s savoury and sweet flavours, while reducing its astringency for a smoother body.

Deep-steamed tea is also described in more details at [4].

Where to buy?

Rakuten even translates the Japanese page for you. Very nice.

By the way, Shizuoka deep-steamed tea is there [5].

About Rakuten global market

Everything looks very international, but...

This English version of Terms and Conditions is prepared for reference purpose only.
In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Japanese and English versions,
the Japanese version shall prevail.

About Japan Post

Japan Post (日本郵便) offers several options for parcels delivery in Europe [6]:
  • EMS (Express Mail Service), very fast but super expensive.
  • Airmail, not as express as EMS, still very expensive.
  • SAL (Economy Air), not fast but price is ok.
  • Surface mail, transportation is done via sea/ocean, very slow (2 months), but cheap.

Up to 2kg, a parcel can be sent as small package if it fits within the restrictions [7].

A little message for the store, asking whether Economy Airmail is available:

Is it possible to send the parcel via "Economy Airmail (small packet)" SALエコノミー航空、(小形包装物)?

Side note

GET is used as Japanese verb. Funny.

Other tea

Rice tea


References Japan Post

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