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  1. [idea] Tokina 100mm

    Get a macro lens?

    1 - Thinking

    The official picture looks like this:

    Image source [1].


    For the Nikon version (the Canon one is cheaper):
    - 380 new on Amazon (includes VAT)
    - 320 used on eBay
    - 270 used on DSLR-kleinanzeigen
    - 330 new on Rakuten (from Japan)
    - 265 new on eBay (includes …
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  2. [idea] For some very specific exams


    I have posted this picture on reddit in the subreddit r/LearnUselessTalents: https://redd.it/5mmx5s

    It is interesting to see the score of the post increasing and decreasing as time goes. Sometimes the number points does not change but the percentage of upvote did, meaning that someone upvoted …

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  3. [idea] Airmail stamp

    Those top-left envelope corners are too white for me.

    Vector design for an airmail stamp.

    The inspiration comes from an old postal stamp from Paraguay.

    Ordered a 50x30mm stamp at [1] for 11.10€ (including shipping).

    Final result

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  4. [idea] I wish I hadn't worked so hard


    1. I wish I hadn't worked so hard.
    2. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
    3. I wish I had let myself be happier.
    4. I wish I had let myself express my true self.
    5. I wish I had lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what …
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  5. [idea] When the object of the book comes to life

    When a book reminds you of its existence.

    In the Breakfast of Champions [1], I read about the wife of Dwayne Hoover who killed herself drinking Drano. I've never seen this word/brand before and assumed that it was an US-specific product. Dwayne gets himself anxious on multiple occasions throughout …

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  6. [idea] Wedding TODO

    I hate you! Since when do we live together?

    Someone asked me: What special thing would you do on your wedding day?

    Introducing Vincent's time counter

    For this special day, I would design my own electronic time counter featuring a GPS receiver module and a microcontroller.

    Using the GPS module …

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  7. [idea] Changements (book)

    Change is now?

    The book [1] addresses how change is made, and especially the difference between change type 1 (aka. change from the same dimension), and change type 2 (aka. change from a dimension n+1). Nothing new here, I had my own vision of it before reading the book …

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  8. [idea] STM32F4 webserver and hosting

    There are currently many offers for Raspberry Pi hosting. This blog itself is powered by a Raspberry Pi at PcExtreme in the Netherlands. Some of those services also offer to host Raspberry Pi 2 [1], Cubieboard [2], Banana Pi [3], or Odroid [4] boards...

    When I started the Raspberry Pi …

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