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PhD student at KDE laboratory (more about this lab.). My research topic is "XML query processing using GPU". See pdf icon Presentation for entrance exam (2011.02.02) and pdf icon Research proposal.

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eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a both human- and machine-readable language widely used in computer world for the transmission and the storage of data. This simplification of the SGML language was designed to ease and spread the usage of an interoperable language over the internet. This aim has been reached nowadays since the XML language is used by a huge amount of applications and most programmation languages feature an XML parser.
XML Path (XPath) language has been created to query XML data. Consequently of the broad XML usage, the need to locate specific data in XML became high and revealed a trade off: Keep data in convenient XML format with slow querying or convert data into more efficient database format with faster querying?
The biggest is the amount a XML data, the most time-consuming is the conversion option. My research is about finding a way to speedup XPath queries on big XML data.
Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is a processor designed from the beginning for efficient and massive parallel execution. According to the increase of graphic rendering complexity, these chips gained a more general purpose design. GPGPU accronym refers to these new GPU architectures and stands for General Purpose GPU.
My current strategy is to execute on GPU, several instances of the same query processing algorithm on different data partitions. This is data parallelism (opposed to task parallelism where one algorithm processes several data in the same time). Althrough this hardware is called "general purpose", several limitations have to be overcome.
The practical target of this research is to evaluate the opportunity of using GPU as XML query coprocessor for software dealing with big amount of XML data. In comparison with their parallel processing power, GPU are cheaper than most dedicated chips.
Making good use of GPU hardware, because it is still very graphic computing oriented, is a great challenge:

To learn more about this topic, see research project homepage, related links, HTML master thesis or pdf icon PDF master thesis and pdf icon PDF presentation (English, 2010.07.20) pdf icon PDF presentation (French, 2010.12.14).

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2011 ➜ 2014?
University of Tsukuba Japan japanese flag
筑波大学 (日本)
2003 ➜ 2010
University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) France french flag
ベルフォール・モンベリヤアル大学 (UTBM) フランス
Apr. 2010 ➜ Sep. 2010
Exchange research student 【特別 (tokubetsu) 研究学生 (kenkyugakusei)】at Kitagawa Data Engineering laboratory (KDE lab.) Japan japanese flag
北川データ工学研究室 (KDE lab.) 日本
Sep. 2007 ➜ Jan. 2008
Software engineer assistant at Basel-Mulhouse airport (EuroAirport) France/Switzerland french flag swiss flag
バーゼル・ミュールーズ空港 (EuroAirport) フランス・スイス

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New home address in Japan japanese flag (for PhD)
Hirasuna 11-146
Amakubo 2-1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan 305-0005
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Old home address in Japan japanese flag (during 6-month internship)
Oikoshi 19-502
Amakubo 2-1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan 305-0005
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KDE Laboratory address
筑波大学 システム情報工学研究科
北川データ工学研究室(KDE lab.)
総合研究棟B 922号室
Advanced Research Laboratory B922
Kitagawa Data Engineering laboratory (KDE lab.)
University of Tsukuba
Tennoudai 1-1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan 305-8573
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Phone (at laboratory)
+81 (0)29-853-5051 (Phone & Fax)
+81 (0)29-853-5385 (Phone)
vincent DOT jordan AT utbm DOT fr
vjordan AT kde DOT cs DOT tsukuba DOT ac DOT jp
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