Carry my LUT around

Goal have a look-up table (LUT) generated at a known location and test its equation, while dynamically changing it.

Generation script for the Xilinx FPGA config using ISE

  • myProject_map.ncd (Native Circuit Description)
  • myProject.pcf (constraint file)
  • myProject.ncd (same format, but includes additional place and route information)
  • myProject.bit (bitstream)
par -w -intstyle ise -ol high -mt off myProject_map.ncd myProject.ncd myProject.pcf
bitgen -intstyle ise -f myProject.ut myProject.ncd

Xilinx Software Design Flow (FPGAs) (see [UG628] v14.7, p. 17)

Xilinx LUT input optimization

The following command will generate an ASCII-version of the .ncd binary file.

xdl -ncd2xdl myProject.ncd

The LUT equation is found in the output file as a string. Example:


...but this equation is probably different from the expected equation as configured in ISE, because the switch box to the interconnection matrix might not directly match the input lines of the LUT.

In this sreenshot:

IO_A1 -> LUT_A3
IO_A2 -> LUT_A1
IO_A3 -> LUT_A2
IO_A4 -> LUT_A6
IO_A5 -> LUT_A4
IO_A6 -> LUT_A5


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[1]Christian Beckhof, The Xilinx Design Language (XDL): Tutorial and Use Cases,