FLRe contest: win a demo board!


The FLRe project reaches its first beta version. Let's celebrate and win your own demo board. If you are among the first to answer the question, I will send you a tiny demo board flashed with the demo version of the project... for free! (including the shipping costs)

See the details below:

Details about the question

Let's say that the following request gave this result:

[TX] 0x0020030f02050000
[RX] 0x01A0000000000000
[RX] 0x8888888888888888

...which means the following:

GET_LUT_EQU: row=0x03, maj=0x0f, idx=0x02, lut=0x05 (Slice M, LUT_B)
  response : equ=(B1 & B2)

Now, what is the request to change this LUT equation into an OR gate?

[TX] 0x01______________
[TX] 0x________________

Details about the hardware

The hardware to win is the following: Shenzhen LC Technology, STM32F103C8T6 dev. board [1]. You can buy it directly here [2].

The board has a JTAG port, but it is not required to have an ARM JTAG interface to use the board. The internal flash memory can but updated over UART1 using the factory bootloader. See [AN2606] and [AN3155].

List of the winners

  1. Andreas Wagner

Still 11 boards to go


The little characters drawn in black are a creation of 小寶 <loislee31_at_gmail_dot_com>.
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