FLRe p1 micro board revision 2 and switching to STM32F446

For the revision 2

Changes include:
  • switching to STM32F446 to take advantage of the SDRAM-compliant memory controller.
  • fixed two ground plane discontinuities.
  • added a protection diode, so the capacitors won't blow up to my face next time I plug the power supply wrong way... (^^)
  • produce the PCB in France... for two boards less and five times the price. (China: 5 PCB for 10€, France: 3 PCB for 50€, competition is hard u_u)

As seen in my previous post about using the FSMC to control the SelectMAP bus, things aren't as easy as expected ® I will have to switch the STM32F446 ([1], [2]) in order to have the FSMC-improved FMC supporting SDRAM. Later on, I can even switch again to the pin-to-pin compatible STM32F7 [3].

For the PCB maker, I will switch to [4].

Le PCB "made in France"

Everything is nicely wrapped.

There is an handwritten French message on the delivery bill: I find your board very pretty. Thank you Lionel!

I got a panel of 3 boards. Looks pretty nice indeed!

The poetic id of the board is: "Rollers Pirates", and is written on the panel rather than the board itself (which is better). Seeed studio also offers to let the customer panelize the boards himself.

Comparison between Seeed studio and Dipole

On the left, the PCB made by Seeed studio, on the right the PCB made by Dipole.

On the copper layer, the tracks width is smaller on the right. The via holes are also larger on the right. The left board is more glossy, and the slikscreen is thicker.