How to record your screen into an animated gif?

How to record your screen into an animated gif with precise position and size?

I would like to create an animated gif with a size of 800x600px. The canva should contain a web browser in the top half, and a command-line terminal in the bottom half.

Placing the windows via command-line

Windows can be place precisely using wmctrl. See [1].

Use wmctrl -l to list current windows. Then place the Firefox browser and the terminal using an unambiguous part of their window title:

wmctrl -r "Mozilla Firefox" -e 0,100,100,803,300
wmctrl -r "inapp2" -e 0,100,400,804,290

The terminal window cannot have a pixel accurate size because it has to match the size of text lines and columns.

In order to simplicy the default bash prompt, a new one can be set using the environmental variable PS1:

export PS1='$ '

Recording session

An animated gif can be recorded with byzanz. See [2]:

byzanz-record --duration=100 --x=100 --y=100 --width=804 --height=604 inapp2_demo.gif

The duration of 100 seconds will be interupted with Ctrl+C.



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