Intel NUC6i7KYK "Skull Canyon"

Nuc! Nuc! Nûûûûc!


Japanese review with nice pictures of the internals [1].

For example, the CPU:

Source: [2]

The long silicon die on the left is the 4-core CPU and the 72-execution-unit GPU. The smaller silicon die on the right is the 128MB eDRAM [3] L4 cache shared by both CPU and GPU.

According to Wikipedia [4]:

Embedding memory on the ASIC or processor allows for much wider buses and higher operation speeds, and due to much higher density of DRAM in comparison to SRAM, larger amounts of memory can be installed on smaller chips if eDRAM is used instead of eSRAM.

Approaching picture of the processing die from Intel presentation [5]:

This picture only has 48 EU (as 2 "slices" of 24), and seems to contain only 2 CPU cores. According to Intel's ARK [6], the Core i7-6770HQ has 4 CPU cores.