jenkins logo

You have your shinny new Jenkins installation, but how to make it more personal? How to change the logo of Jenkins?

The Problem

The butler face is nice, but what if I wanted to add something to the logo?

In <jenkins_home>, there is an interesting file named title.png coming along with another one named title.svg:


By the way, the other part of the logo is also found there: headshot.png.

The image has a transparent background.

Unfortunately, it does not work. Not changing the height of the image would be fine, but the length needs to change. Let's investigate with FireFox inspector.

Here is your problem.

The image size is hardcoded in a Jelly file (an hybrid java/XML file):


After some research about Jelly, it turns out that Jelly files are not compiled into bycode, but interpreted. So there must be somewhere in the final installation of Jenkins.

The Solution

#                                                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Note: you need to restart Jenkins, if you change this file at runtime.