Spartan6 LX9 to STM32 F4 loop

The experimental solution with STM32F4 and XC6LX9 discrete development boards.

This problem is that many pins are hard-wired to some specific features. For example, the SelectMap port cannot be used on my current FPGA board. The goal would be to have 32-bit input and output between the FPGA and the microcontroller, as well as 16-bit SelectMap interface connected to the microcontroller GPIO/Memory controller.

  • STM32F4 ARM microcontroller
  • XC6LX9 Xilinx FPGA
  • Ⓐ Connection between the FSMC port of the microcontroller (external memory) and SelectMap port of the FPGA (parallel config).
  • Ⓑ Connection between the GPIO of the microcontroller and the user IO of the FPGA, in a way to allow circular DMA buffer mode on the STM32 side.

Dedicated development board for microcontroller-controlled dynamic reconfiguration of the FPGA

I ordered the parts for building my own board, which would feature:

  • STM32F4 microcontroller [1] in TQFP-144 package on its adapter board [2].
  • Spartan-6 LX9 FPGA [DS162] in the same TQFP-144 package and the same adapter board.
  • Linear voltage regulators in the SOT-223 package on their own adapter boards [3].
  • Pull-up or pull-down resistors on a dedicated adapter board [4].
  • FTDI-based USB-to-TTL adapters [5].

Mini dictionary for ordering on 淘宝 (Taobao)

  • 转接板: adapter board
  • 针: pin
  • 芯片: chip
[1]STM32F405xx, STM32F407xx datasheet
[2]转接板无铅 QFP/EQFP/TQFP/LQFP144/128 贴片转直插DIP CPU空板
[DS162]Spartan-6 FPGA Datasheet: DC and Switching Characteristics
[3]SOT89转SIP SOT223转DIP 转接板 1.5mm pitch引脚间距 电子设计
[4]贴片转直插 0805 0603 0402 SMT转DIP 电容 电阻 LED SMT转接板
[5]批发 单排针 单排插针 2.54MM 1*40PIN 直针 长11MM 2.54 排针
[6]USB转TTL 升级小板 CH340模块 STC单片机下载线 刷机板 USB转串口