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  1. FLRe: automated LUT test strategy

    Foreach LUT:
     1. generate the LUT bitstream with location constraint.
        -> using command-line Xilinx toolchain
     2. upload the bitstream to the FPGA.
        -> using FLRe demo board and JTAG control
     3. readback the memory area containing the LUT equation and
        match it with the sent bitstream.
        -> using FLRe demo board and JTAG …
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  2. Carry my LUT around

    Goal have a look-up table (LUT) generated at a known location and test its equation, while dynamically changing it.

    Generation script for the Xilinx FPGA config using ISE

    • myProject_map.ncd (Native Circuit Description)
    • myProject.pcf (constraint file)
    • myProject.ncd (same format, but includes additional place and route information)
    • myProject …
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  3. FLRe project, KiCAD rendering

    First version of the FLRe system. Introduction time!

    The project is made of two modular boards: one microcontroller board and one FPGA board. Each boad can be used separately (each has its own power stage), but they are designed to work together over the 50MHz 16-bit parallel SelectMAP bus of …

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  4. Spartan-6 SelectMap port length matching

    Update 2015.03.09 it is quite funny that CERN made a video exactly on the same day (2015.03.03) about KiCAD new features for trace length matching. Thanks CERN! See [1].

    Further experiences with KiCAD, FreeRouting and track length matching.

    FreeRouting has a quite nice support for fixed …

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  5. Spartan-6 start-up sequence and control from microcontroller

    Before wiring everything on the PCB, let's check the Spartan-6 configuration sequence from microcontroller.


    On power-on, both boards (microcontroller and FPGA) will get power supply, but only the microcontroller chip will start because the power supply rail of the FPGA is controlled by a relay which will be open …

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  6. KiCAD Schematics for XC6SLX9

    Where is the KiCAD schematic component for the Xilinx Spartan-6 LX9 (XC6SLX9-TQFP144)?

    Numato Labs made the Mimas Spartan-6 development board using KiCAD, and this FPGA silicon and package. The KiCAD component can be found in their Subversion repository at [1].

    KiCAD and Omron MOSFET relay G3VM-61G1


    [1]Numato Labs …
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  7. KiCAD and Spartan-6 LX9 TQG144

    How to design a Spartan-6 PCB?

    The Spartan-6 LX9 is available in the hand-soldering-friendly TQG144 package ([UG385] v2.3 at p. 30). Numato designed an open-hardware board around this FPGA/packaging: the Mimas Spartan-6 devel. board [NUM1]. The KiCAD [1] schematics and PCB layout files are found in Numato's SVN …

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  8. About fpgatools

    As you may have noticed, the work of this blog is based on the great FpgaTools project [1]. I understood the functionning of the Xilinx Spartan-6 bitstream by reading the source code of this project. The source code is nicely written in plain C-code, but there are not much comments …

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