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  1. Build all-target gdb on ARM

    Trying to build the latest GNU gdb on Scaleway ARM instance.

    Build command:

    apt install bison flex
    configure --with-python --without-ncurses --enable-targets=all --prefix=/opt/gdb
    make -j4

    Neither the version 7.12 nor 8.1 (or even the git sources [1]) build out-of-the-box, while there are no issues on x86_64 …

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  2. gdb - frame decorator example

    The FrameDecorator example given in the documentation does not work?

    If you naïvely try the implement your own MyFrameFilter following the example of the InlineFilter given in the gdb (holy?) documentation [1], you may face the following python errors.

    Import issue

      class MyFrameDecorator(FrameDecorator):
    TypeError: Error when calling the metaclass …
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