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  1. Dreaming of 0402?

    Dreaming of 0402? They are cute but damn small for handsoldering... or are they?

    Introducing the keyring-shaped 0402 challenge!

    An USB connector... a voltage regulator and its two capacitors... on a 2x2cm PCB... nothing special so far, but if you flip the board...

    ... a SMD soldering challenge!

    To light up …

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  2. FLRe STM32F4 board (paper)

    FLRe microcontroller paper PCB is ready!

    All capacitors and resistors are in 0805 SMD size.

    The alignment of the pin header footprints don't match with the enclosure constrains. (u_u)

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  3. FLRe STM32F4 board (misc. footprints)

    All the footprints are ready. The boot mode (BOOT0 and BOOT1) will be set via a SMD DIP switch. The different power supplies will be accessible throught 1.27mm-pitch THT pin headers.

    Board layout

    Now finally starts the fun of tidying everything of the board.

    As it can be guessed …

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  4. FLRe STM32F4 board (part1)

    The schematic of the FLRe STM32F4 microcontroller board has started.

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  5. vjCanUsb (intro)


    vjCanUsb is an USB-to-CAN interface featuring:

    • one STM32F4 ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller running at 168MHz (192KB RAM, 1MB flash). The Complete datasheet: [DH].
    • two 3.3V LDO linear regulators, one for the digital as well as one dedicated to the analog power supply. USB power is filtered by a ferrite …
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  6. Product thoughts - Microcontroller board initial layout

    Above: the STM32F40x in its LQFP64 package cannot be used because it lacks FSMC support (unbound silicium pads, see [1] rev.4 p. 59). The LQFP144 poackage has full FSMC support, while the LGFP100 package has limited support: data lines only, and no address lines. Since the address lines will …

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  7. Product thoughts - part2

    Dreaming of making a real-life product. Part two.

    I decided to go for a stacked two-PCB design with a front panel also made as a PCB. The Hammond 1455 enclosure is available in 80x50x20mm (approx.) dimensions. If no large components are used on one side of each PCB, two PCBs …

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  8. Track length matching with KiCAD and FreeRouting

    KiCAD does not support length matching, but there is to achieve some manual length matching using FreeRouting [1]. Unfortunately, FreeRouting has little documentation outside of the official manual [2].The idea comes from this blog post at Numato Labs [3]. Designing a Spartan-6 FPGA board with SDRAM, they needed to …

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  9. Product thoughts

    Dreaming of making a real-life product.

    PCB prototyping services

    Prices are for one 50x100mm 2-layer (front and back) standard PCB with green soldermask

    • http://www.jackaltac.com 37€ (includes 21% VAT), up to 100x100mm and top silkscreen, min track 0.15mm, min hole 0.3mm, made in South Africa and …
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  10. FLRe project restarts!

    The FLRe project restarts... with my first coffee machine ever!

    Plan for the next steps: build an automated test system, so as to validate the FLRe source code for each LUT in the Spartan-6 LX9 FPGA. The test system will be supervised by a Raspberry Pi:

    Raspberry Pi -(uart)-> STM32F3 …
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